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Stoicescu, Vlad

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Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 28/10/2010

Romanian government unpopular despite confidence vote

Emil Boc's centre-right government in Romania survived an opposition vote of no confidence on Wednesday. But that still can't be counted a victory because at the same time tens of thousands of people were demonstrating in Bucharest against the drastic austerity measures, the daily Evenimentul Zilei writes: "Boc's cabinet is patting itself on the back for having the strength to resist populism and adopt painful reforms that will prove essential on the middle and long term. But with its measures the government is forgetting a basic lesson of history. ... In times of crisis it's not just one's own point of view that matters, but also the citizens' hearts and minds. The political lesson of modern times is: a society exists where those in power have the support of those they rule over. ... But social cohesion is completely lacking in today's Romania, and for that reason no reform, as well-meant as it may be, can really prove effective."

Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 11/05/2010

Romania's government has failed so far

The Romanian government led by Prime Minister Emil Boc plans to cut the salaries of government employees by 25 percent and pensions by 15 percent as of June 1 in order to receive the next instalment of an IMF emergency loan. For Vlad Stoicescu in the daily Evenimentul Zilei, "the introduction of other draconian measures is another feat the Boc government must now execute because it has been incapable of making even a knee-bend in the space of a year. It didn't know how to manage the administration and the budget, ... and now entire social classes are having to foot the bill. I agree that this was the last resort for the Boc cabinet, but the lack of other alternatives was not the result of an unchangeable, pre-ordained reality but a constructed one resulting from the reforms being postponed indefinitely. In Bucharest the transition period never ceased to exist."

Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 04/05/2010

Romania's media under pressure

The Romanian Press Monitoring Agency, which observes the state of press freedom in the country, has called attention to significant aberrations in the Romanian media. The daily Evenimentul Zilei comments: "At the beginning of the 18th century an enlightened new bourgeois class arose which did away with old privileges and created an environment for debate free from the influence of the Church or state influence. ... Then in the 20th century came mass consumption, and social polarisation focussed on the magnates and their ideas packed in bank notes. Metre by metre the erstwhile bourgeois sphere was replaced by something else: a public with no access to information but sufficient resources to purchase lies. For around 100 years the public space has no longer been a place where independent ideas can be developed and exchanged. Nowadays it is a medial space, ideally suited to power interests. The choice of topics which we follow day by day in the papers or on television are part of a battle that is taking place far from media audiences. It is a battle for power and money."

Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 17/12/2009

Vlad Stoicescu on the silence surrounding the Romanian revolution

Yesterday marked the twentieth anniversary of the first rebellion against the Ceauşescu regime in the city of Timişoara, which was then followed by many more. More than one thousand people were killed when the Ceauşescu dictatorship fell, but to this day the events have not been properly clarified. Vlad Stoicescu expresses his disappointment in the daily Evinimentul Zilei: "The current celebrations are nothing but a facade. Today, as always, such half-hearted festivities will swallow up the truncated memories of this revolution which we view with extreme emotion and extreme resignation. Because in the past two decades nothing fundamental has changed, although we should by now have banished the demons and communist reflexes. Society today is as forgetful as it has always been, we live in the same body politic eaten away by dictatorship, we suffer from the same terrible ignorance. ... The heroes of 1989 need no wreaths or candles. Their families will take care of that, because pain doesn't go away because of press freedom, or US comedy series, or even full supermarkets or feedom. What the eyewitnesses of 1989 need is the truth. And one thing is clear, they're now too old to take to the streets to demand it."

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