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Stoica, Emil

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Hotnews - Romania | 02/01/2012

Good politics instead of compulsory anthem

Starting this year Romanian pupils from grade 1 to 8 must sing the national anthem every Monday. The Romanian Senate turned a recommendation to this effect into a law at the end of the year. Emil Stoica, a teacher, says the amendment is useless on news portal Hotnews: "And what will the pupils be confronted with once they have finished school and sung the anthem for years? Grumpy officials and medical staff who demand bribes. ... So will they love their country more after singing the national anthem? Seriously: after 45 years of communism during which we not only had to sing the anthem but other odes too we should have realised by now that brainwashing doesn't work. If the politicians want Romanians to show more love for their country they should reform the services for the citizens. This is the task of the politicians."

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