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Stövesand, Catrin

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Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 20/07/2015

EU not a community with shared values

At their meeting in Brussels on Monday the EU interior ministers were once again unable to agree on how to distribute among the individual EU member states the 60,000 refugees currently in Italy and Greece. Places will be found for just 55,000 of them. The refugee debate again highlights the true nature of the EU, criticises public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk: "[The EU] is and remains a marriage of convenience aimed at gaining attention and influence on the international stage. The fact that so many people come here because they believe they can live safely in Europe and earn an income and/or get an education here should strengthen the community, not weaken it. If the EU saw things from this perspective, it might be possible to find sensible and humane solutions. But the EU's current stance shows that it is not a genuine community with shared values."

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