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Stodolak, Sebastian

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Wprost Online - Poland | 17/12/2010

EU curbs sovereignty of its members

The decisions taken at the EU summit deprive the member states of their sovereignty, Sebastian Stodolak writes disapprovingly in the online edition of news magazine Wprost: "Now it's easier to understand what economics Nobel laureate Professor Vernon Smith meant when he said: "I don't know why a country that wants freedom and independence should join the Eurozone' These reservations apply not just to Poland, by the way, but also to Estonia for example, which on January 1 will have the dubious honour of joining the club of the bankrupt called the 'Eurozone'. I don't know whether those who describe the European Union as a quasi socialist entity are right. One must bear in mind that the means of production are not in the hands of the EU. But I do know for sure that it is an organisation of the politically doomed who - perhaps even with the good intention of saving noble ideas - are capable of sacrificing many rights of the member states at the alter of the Union."

Wprost Online - Poland | 18/11/2010

World Bank report hits Poland hard

Poland's deputy finance Minister Maciej Grabowski on Wednesday voiced searing criticism of the report "Doing Business 2011". Published by the World Bank last week, the report paints a negative picture of conditions for investors in Poland. The online edition of news magazine Wprost writes: "His reaction would probably have been less fierce if the report hadn't hurt the self-esteem of those in power. To the astonishment of our politicians it shows that rather than being a paradise, Poland turns out to be hell for investors. As far as business leadership is concerned, Poland ranks only 70th worldwide. Almost all of our neighbours treat businesspeople better than we do. Belarus and Kazakhstan have overtaken us - not to mention Georgia, which ranks 12th in this category!"

Wprost Online - Poland | 24/02/2010

Economic system promotes social fraud

Social fraud is a common phenomenon in welfare states. Polish news magazine Wprost sees the root of the problem in an ineffectual economic system that perpetuates poverty: "In Italy 17 percent of the budget is allocated to social expenditure, while in Poland it's 19 percent and in France it's 31 percent. This means there is a pile of money we can stretch our hands out for. ... Let's not deceive ourselves: the fraud encompasses all the state's social activities and no amount of rules or controls … will be able to prevent it. Why? The cheating is a natural consequence of the economic system that predominates in Europe. The low competitiveness of the economies, the obstacles to company trade and unusually high taxes ensure that the number of people who live in poverty remains high."

Wprost - Poland | 05/01/2010

Let Iceland be a warning

The Icelandic parliament approved a law regulating the repayment of foreign savings deposits amounting to over 3.5 billion euros at the end of the year. However following protests from the Icelandic people President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson has postponed the ratification of the legislation. The online edition of the Polish news magazine Wprost criticises the protests: "All the citizens of Iceland are to pay for the mistakes of a few bankers. Well why not? They themselves are to blame. The case of Iceland is a warning to anyone who invests money in new banks. Why? Because every crisis that comes hits these institutions first as they have virtually no cash as security at their disposal. Every additional financial burden is like a death sentence for them."

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