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Stiphout, Robert

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Elsevier - Netherlands | 13/12/2012

Selfless Beatrix is Dutch woman of the year

Queen Beatrix has been named Dutch woman of the year by the right-wing conservative weekly paper Elsevier: "2012 was nothing less than an annus horribilis for the Orange Princess. ... Her second son, Prince Friso, was buried by an avalanche. He suffered serious brain damage and was transported to London on March 1, where he still lies in a coma. As if that weren't enough, this year parliament took another step in the direction of a ceremonial monarchy, and did away with the queen's role in forming the government. ... But despite everything she performed her tasks with a profound sense of duty. After the ski accident in Lech she only rescheduled two official appointments. Queen's Day [the national holiday] took place as usual. Opinion polls show that Beatrix is more popular than she has been in years. The duty-conscious queen puts the good of her country above her own interests. For this fact alone she deserves to be Dutch woman of the year."

Elsevier - Netherlands | 08/09/2008

No money for multiculural ideal

A Ramadan festival is being held in the Netherlands during the Muslim month of fasting. The aim is to provide a venue for encounters between the Dutch and Muslims and the festival is financed by the state. The political weekly Elsevier writes that state funding for the project must stop: "The state is using Ramadan to promote the multicultural ideal. The authorities consider this goal important enough to warrant them covering between a quarter and 30 percent of the costs for the Ramadan festival. ... Very odd. It is particularly odd that non-Muslims are being encouraged to get to know Islamic culture instead of the other way round. One would expect Muslims to be called on to familiarise themselves with the Judeo-Christian culture predominant in the Netherlands. And it is odder still that the state is using a religious festival to promote the controversial multicultural ideal. After all, the separation of church and state has been established in the Netherlands for two centuries now. ... The state should keep its fingers off Ramadan."

Elsevier - Netherlands | 13/08/2008

No guest workers!

The weekly political magazine Elsevier is warning of the results of increasing immigration to the Netherlands from Eastern Europe: "In principle, it could be a healthy development if Eastern Europeans were to fill gaps in the job market in the Netherlands, but immigration has another side to it. Not all Eastern Europeans want to return to their home countries after their work is done, and what is worse, some of the Eastern European migrant workers have applied for jobless benefits in the Netherlands. But the Netherlands already has enough welfare recipients. ... The old story of guest workers is threatening to repeat itself. This fall, the cabinet will decide whether the requirement for work permits for Romanian and Bulgarian workers should be dropped ... as is the case in Poland already. Let the latest increase in Eastern European immigration be a warning to us: If Romanians and Bulgarians are permitted to resettle unhindered, their numbers in the Netherlands will rapidly rise, as will all the familiar problems."

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