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Stevens, Michel

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 10/06/2015

Only global institutions can protect the climate

The heads of state and government at the G7 summit in Bavaria committed themselves to climate protection. But that won't stop the World Climate Conference planned for November in Paris from being a failure, sustainability expert Michel Stevens predicts in the liberal daily Le Temps: "In this world ruled by the spirit of competition, the renewed emphasis on the principle of national sovereignty pushes states into a permanent rivalry that only harms their populations. Tackling the challenge of climate change presupposes that consequences will be drawn from the fact that they constitute a global threat. And just as national problems are dealt with by national authorities and municipal problems by municipal authorities, a global problem can only be efficiently managed by a global authority, a supranational institution to which governments must submit in the interests of their own populations. We're looking at a profound revision of our attitude to global governance."

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