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Stéphan, Bernard

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Le Populaire - France | 14/04/2015

Olympics would be good for Paris

The Paris City Council on Monday declared itself in favour of an Olympic bid for the French capital. The estimated cost of hosting the games in 2024 is 6.2 billion euros. A worthwhile investment, the regional daily Le Populaire believes: "The bid will boost infrastructural development and strengthen national cohesion. France hasn't hosted any events of this size since the Fifa World Cup in 1998, and it's in dire need of another such adrenalin rush. In general the Olympic Games promote transformation and improve the mood of a nation. Fine, people will say, but how much will it cost? But isn't it more expensive in the long run to do nothing, to be overcome by lethargy and watch the opportunities go by? Participating in the metamorphosis of certain neighbourhoods of greater Paris, promoting social change through a sport event, revitalising the economy with a few major construction projects - all that is worth the price."

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