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Stemler, Miklós

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hvg - Hungary | 03/12/2012

End of the world Hungary's only hope

Many people are speculating over the supposed end of the world on December 21, 2012, based on the idea that the Mayan calender ends on this day. An Apocalypse is the best thing that could happen to Hungarian politics, writes journalist Miklós Stemler in the online edition of the left-liberal weekly newspaper Heti Világgazdaság: "As our country goes to the dogs under the current government, the so-called opposition is doing what it must do: indulging in brainless anti-Semitic tirades, dwelling on stupidities and descending into a maelstrom of hysteria. ... For that reason it doesn't seem at all a wise solution to replace the dimwitted policies of the right-wing conservative governing party Fidesz with the hyper-hysterical policies of the left-liberal opposition. ... Luckily we won't have to wait that long for our fate to take a turn for the better. Because the end of the world is just around the corner. Given the current state of affairs in Hungary, nothing better could happen to us. Because we still believe in a hereafter without Viktor Orbán."

Hírszerző - Hungary | 18/01/2010

Pécs rivals Budapest

The southern Hungarian town of Pécs is the European Capital of Culture for 2010. With the start of the year the rivalry between Budapest and the provinces has once more risen to the surface, writes the news portal Hírszerző: "The experiences of the past weeks show us that even having two capitals, one of them cultural, isn't enough to really make us feel like Europeans. ... In recent days for example the opposition between Budapest and the provinces has once more entered the limelight. ... It's the same old story: the petty rivalry between the provinicial towns, in this case Pécs, and the capital Budapest, which overshadows everything else. ... And yet the nomination of Pécs as Cultural Capital in 2005 was meant to show Europe that there was a spectacular, exhilarating cultural life in Hungary outside Budapest. Let's hope this will still be the case during Pécs' year as cultural capital."

Hírszerző - Hungary | 17/12/2008

Capital of Culture full of excavation pits

The news portal Hírszerző comments on the southern Hungarian city of Pécs' preparations for the year 2010, when it will be European Capital of Culture. "Contrary to the widespread belief in Hungary according to which there will be oxen and suckling pig-roasting and carousels on Pécs' main square, the European Capital of Culture is about something else entirely: about presenting ourselves, by which I mean the entire country, as a culture to Europe. But if we take a look at Pécs there's good reason to panic. ... One thing we already know for sure is that Pécs won't be offering a host of new buildings to delight in, but with a bit of luck there may be a few excavation pits. An enriching addition to the cultural programme could be a tour of the pits promoted under the slogan 'This is how the Hungarians build'. ... Pécs city fathers have already changed their tactics: It won't be its buildings that mark Pécs as the Capital of Culture but its cultural programmes."

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