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Stemerding, Ardy

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Trouw - Netherlands | 27/06/2008

The obligations of Europe's media

According to the Dutch daily Trouw, the Dutch nation's Euro fatigue is also the consequence of the lacking interest shown by the media: "Television is adapted to short, individual events, brief quotes, moving images, emotions, simplification and the recognition factor. These are all characteristics that do not fit in with the EU. ... The EU is boring and sluggish, yet the visual media should still assume their responsibility and seek to counter this with creativity. Naturally, television producers are afraid of losing their viewers. Even for the public broadcasters viewers have top priority. And yet they should at least cover important news about the EU. ... News programmes must be made more creative and strive to make clear the impact of the complex legislation from Brussels. ... Why should an entire editorial department of 20 people in The Hague be covering the skirmish over Rita Verdonk's one-person-party while not a single person is covering Brussels' plans for the free market economy?"

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