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Stelzenmüller, Constanze

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Financial Times - United Kingdom | 09/07/2014

US spying ruins transatlantic relations

Revelations on Wednesday of a second case of US spying on Germany have the government in Berlin up in arms. This comes at the worst possible time for the already strained transatlantic relations, columnist Constanze Stelzenmüller observes in the conservative daily Financial Times: "Just a year after the first revelations about NSA spying in Germany, resentment still runs high in Berlin; a rare case in which elites are in sync with the public mood. ... There is no time to lose. A nasty US-German spat on Nato's role in the Ukraine crisis is brewing. Negotiations on a US-European free-trade agreement face bitter public resistance. Add a breakdown of trust over espionage and you could have a transatlantic trifecta of disaster by the autumn."

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