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Stelios, Kouloglou, Greece

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1.  Tvxs - Greece | 17/07/2014

Arrest of top terrorist an unnecessary circus

The Greek police arrested the far left top terrorist Nikos Maziotis in the centre of Athens on Wednesday after a shootout in which a police ... » more

2.  Tvxs - Greece | 02/09/2013

Athens must stand up to Bild campaign

A few days ago the German newspaper Bild published several draft election posters on which the leading candidates pledge to pay no more money to ... » more

3.  Tvxs - Greece | 25/06/2013

Greece's new cabinet prone to conflict

Following the withdrawal of the Democratic Left (Dimar) party from his governing coalition, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras presented his new cabinet on Monday. It ... » more

4.  Tvxs - Greece | 08/11/2012

Austerity package turns Greece into banana republic

The Greek parliament on Wednesday approved by a slim majority a new austerity package that foresees billions in spending cuts and tax hikes. Tens of ... » more

5.  Tvxs - Greece | 01/11/2012

Comfy journalists don't care about press freedom

Greece's journalist went on strike on Wednesday in protest at government plans to merge their financially stable health insurance scheme with the government scheme, which ... » more

6.  Tvxs - Greece | 29/10/2012

List of tax dodgers has government in a panic

The chief editor of the Greek weekly Hot Doc, Kostas Vaxevanis, was taken into temporary custody on Sunday for publishing a list of more than ... » more

7.  Tvxs - Greece | 24/07/2012

Greece should brace itself for exit

The web portal tvxs believes that Greece's European dream is about to end and that the only thing left is for Greece to brace itself ... » more

8.  Tvxs - Greece | 25/03/2012

Greek politicians fear the people

The Greeks celebrated their Independence Day amidst a barrage of security measures on Sunday. Large areas of Athens were cordoned off by the police in ... » more


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