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Steiner-Gashi, Ingrid

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Kurier - Austria | 17/08/2015

No one trying to end war in Syria

Refugees won't stop coming to Europe until the problems that drive them to leave their own countries are solved, but the international community doesn't seem to care much, writes the liberal newspaper Kurier: "For more than four years now war has raged in Syria. And for more than four years there has been not a single serious international initiative to stop the madness. Syrian refugees, this much is certain, will keep coming to Europe as long as the war continues. Austria alone can't exert much pressure but the EU as a whole is capable of more. But hello? Is the UN still there? Or the world policeman, the US? - or even the leadership in Moscow? The idea of peacemaking has clearly been buried under a mountain of special interests pursued by the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran in Syria."

Kurier - Austria | 11/08/2014

Elected out of gratitude

The liberal daily Kurier is unsurprised by the election results and hopes for long-term changes in Turkey's political system: "For the election-deciding majority of the Turks, it doesn't count that their head of government has openly turned the country's judiciary into his minions or that his religious regulations are increasingly interfering with their private lives. For them the prime minister who has governed them for eleven years is the man who kick-started Turkey's economy, who freed millions of people from poverty, and who gave the many conservative Muslims in the country a new self-confidence. Equipped with this concrete armour of gratitude, Erdoğan will once again receive confirmation of this authoritarian political style. ... But the protests in Gezi Park have shown that although Erdogan may not have changed, Turkey has. The state is not just Erdogan but all those who want a more liberal, freer and more democratic Turkey."

Kurier - Austria | 23/10/2012

US election race still neck and neck

In the third and final televised debate in the US presidential campaign on Monday night, the incumbent Barack Obama scored important points against his rival Mitt Romney. According to the first polls, Obama was seen as the winner by a clear majority of viewers. But that doesn't make up for his weaknesses in the first TV appearance, the liberal daily Kurier concludes: "As 'Commander in Chief', Barack Obama had things easier than previously on Monday night in the third and final battle of words. Poised and statesmanlike he pointed to his successes, from the killing of Obama bin Laden and the withdrawal from Iraq to the fact that 'I've made this country safer in the last four years'. In terms of  style and message, the US president has emerged the winner of the second and now the third TV debates. But the question remains: what does that change if he has not yet been able to make up for tossing away his former advantage in the first, completely failed debate? The two rivals are now neck and neck entering the final stretch."

Kurier - Austria | 07/05/2012

Radical no won't help Greece

In the Greek elections the proponents of the austerity programme appear to have fallen short of a majority in parliament. But punishing the two parties Nea Dimokratia and Pasok for their belt-tightening measures and switching allegiance to the radical parties is no solution, writes the left-liberal daily Kurier: "Behind the beacon of the angry voters was more than the mere wish to send all those politicians to the devil who have caused the biggest loss of wealth in decades. Many of the Greeks who this time voted for the far left or the distinctly unappetising far right simply wanted an end to the austerity that is tightening the belt to the point of suffocation. Less cuts and job losses and more growth - that's what they want. But with growth it's the same as with world peace - everybody wants it but the formula still hasn't been invented. And the radical parties whose only demand is 'Stop the debt repayments' certainly won't provide it."

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