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Steinbuch, Dejan

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Finance - Slovenia | 10/06/2010

Lljubljana loses urban culture

Ljubljana's only jazz club is threatened with closure. The business paper Finance sees this as a further manifestation of the disappearance of urban culture in the Slovenian capital: "Ljubljana is being guided by a mediocrity that negates the talents and people with vision without which there could never have been any progress. In Ljubljana a mentality of working-class provincialism and petty bourgeoisie predominates. Its greatest enemy is urban culture. Ljubljana will never be a cosmopolitan city but it could become a capital with a specific, sub-Alpine pedigree, with a cosmopolitan air. Urban culture doesn't mean just modern, normal urban politics. Urban culture is first and foremost about culture. … A town with a jazz club is never just a village. A capital without a jazz club is not a capital."

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