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Stefka, István

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Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 23/01/2014

Did Nazi Germany occupy Hungary or not?

The right-wing conservative Hungarian government plans to build a monument in Budapest to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Nazi Germany's occupation of Hungary. The left-wing opposition is critical of the project, saying that the country wasn't occupied but rather welcomed the Germans with open arms. The right-wing conservative daily Magyar Hírlap rejects this criticism out of hand: "The fact is that Hungary lost its sovereignty when it was occupied by Nazi Germany. ... If this wasn't an occupation, what exactly was it? The situation changed dramatically for the Hungarian Jews. Whereas previously Hungary had been considered an 'island of peace' to which hundreds of thousands fled before the war, on 15 May 1944 the first trains left for the German concentration camps. ... The monument stands for both the memory of this and for introspection."

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 02/04/2013

Utterly unjustified criticism of Hungary

Fifty German and Austrian intellectuals, including literature Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek, last week published a communiqué entitled "Rise up" against Hungary on the grounds that the country is moving "towards fascism" under Viktor Orbán's conservative government. The conservative daily Magyar Hírlap suspects the action is the result of a conspiracy: "A bunch of left-liberal intellectuals in Hungary is tirelessly supplying the unsuspecting foreign countries with false information. ... Because the left-liberal camp in Hungary has little chance of taking over the helm it is not only goading Hungarian youths to take part in violent actions but also manipulating its foreign supporters, who are now calling for an uprising against the democratically elected government. This could even lead to acts of terrorism. … Do Elfriede Jelinek and her fellow campaigners even know where Hungary is on the map?"

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