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Stefańska, Agnieszka

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 01/04/2011

Welcome investments in coal from China

The two Chinese companies China National Electric Equipment Corporation and the Shanghai Electric Group want to invest 15 billion zloty (3.7 billion euros) in building three large new coal-fired power stations in Poland. The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita is delighted: "This is good news for Poland's energy sector, for which investments in coal are problematic particularly in the context of the European Union's climate policy. The fears that energy production from coal won't pay its way have already led the European companies Vattenfall and RWE to stay away from this kind of project. This is why local companies want to replace coal with gas blocks. If the Chinese are willing to invest money this will make the financing easier for Polish firms."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 25/11/2010

EU should promote Polish rail network sensibly

The EU plans to support the construction of more railway routes across Poland to Eastern Europe. A wise decision, writes the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita, but it could go even further: "It is good that the EU considers it necessary to improve the rail infrastructure across Poland from the west to the east, thus opening transport lines for goods from Germany to our eastern neighbours. Nevertheless no one is considering expanding the north-south corridor near the German border, because that would compete with German transport corridors. Meanwhile for the past three years twelve European regions have been trying to open a north-south corridor in Europe  - from Sweden through western Poland right down to Croatia. ... Now we must simply seize the chance, because a good infrastructure is the prerequisite for the development of our country."

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