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Stefanova, Veselina

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Bulgaria | 12/11/2013

Bulgaria's students unfortunately too weak

Police and demonstrators clashed outside the parliament in Sofia on Tuesday after several hundred students tried to surround the parliamentary building. The protests are not radical or large enough to make an impression on Bulgaria's power-crazed government, the news portal comments: "The more the people revolt, the more the Oresharski government seems to tighten its grip on power. It may sound brutal, but without bloodshed nothing will change. No matter how many balloons the students distribute or how many concerts they organise - without radical measures there will be no change. ... The fact is that the protest has been going on for a whole year now and nothing has changed. Bulgaria is slowly but surely sliding towards an inglorious future because the populace is divided and not even the protests can bring it together. We are divided into young and old, into students who occupy the university and those who don't, into nationalists and liberals, alert citizens and 'sleepyheads', and so on - until the bitter end."

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