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Stefanova, Tsvetelina

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Monitor - Bulgaria | 13/09/2013

No tramps or sick people on Sofia's buses

The city council of Sofia is currently discussing the possibility of banning people with an unhygienic appearance or infectious diseases from using the city's public transport network. The daily Monitor welcomes the proposal but believes that improving hygiene in public spaces is a matter of changing society's mentality rather than imposing controls: "So soon there'll be an end to the stinking tramps on buses, who not only travel without tickets but irritate paying passengers with their smell. ... Can this work in the long term? Here in Bulgaria unfortunately keeping public spaces clean and orderly isn't something that comes naturally. We're used to breaking anything that doesn't belong to us and always blaming others. So it's above all a question of the mentality. ... As long as that doesn't change the inspectors will have to ensure that hygienic standards are maintained."

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