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Stefanou, Katerina

Politis. Cyprus

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Politis - Cyprus | 22/11/2009

Katerina Stefanou on France's nationality debate and Cyprus

The debate on national identity in France is ground-breaking and salutary, the daily Politis writes, adding that Cyprus could do with just such a discussion: "As a modern state faced with all its structural and ideological problems it is showing the will to fight a contemporary and important battle: that of defining itself. … The mere thought that such a thing could happen among Greek-speaking Cypriots is risible, even though such a debate could be the solution of the Cyprus problem. If we could answer the question of who we are, what are our origins and whom we regard as our relatives, then we would immediately know what we want."

Politis - Cyprus | 13/09/2009

Katerina Stefanou on the Western debate on the headscarf

In the Sunday edition of the daily Politis Katerina Stefanou ponders how Western societies should handle the headscarf ban for Muslim women: "Whenever this question arises both sides use the same argument in different ways: freedom of the individual. The one side claims every individual has the right to decide on his or her appearance; the other says we must defend the freedom of symbols and religious freedom. But does defending them mean imposing them on others? Can religious majorities be allowed to determine the behaviour of minorities? Has the majority the right to impose its ethics and its aesthetics on others? … What makes me suspicious is that the symbol in question and in the name of which an ideological battle is being fought is a female accessory and not a male one, like for example the fez [an Arab-Turkish cap] or the moustache: in those countries where male headwear is also under discussion there is at least a balance. In the other countries the motto 'without women for women' rules the day."

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