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Stefanini, Stefano

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La Stampa - Italy | 01/12/2015

The only way to save Schengen

Resuming membership talks with Turkey is the right way to save the Schengen agreement and correct the mistakes of the past, writes the liberal daily La Stampa: "The European strategy of managing (not resolving) the refugee crisis consists of strengthening the EU's borders to avoid having to rebuild internal borders. This is the only way to save Schengen. … Turkey's support is indispensable here. A month ago Brussels already promised it financial aid. The real novelty from Sunday is the willingness to resume the membership talks. Europe was largely responsible for Ankara's move towards Europe coming to a halt. Brussels let Turkey into the waiting room - and then left it there."

La Stampa - Italy | 10/11/2015

EU can work against separatism

If the EU took a fundamental approach to resolving the current crises it would take the wind out of the sails of the separatist and Eurosceptic movements, argues the liberal daily La Stampa: "The EU may not be able to determine the outcome of British or Catalan separatism, but it can take action against it. The secessionist trend is being reinforced by the image of a Union that battles crises without ever resolving them. Yet again Greece's debt is under discussion, but the main problem remains the migration issue. We can't expect any miracles from this week's EU-Africa special summit in Malta. But at least we can hope that a clear course will be charted out that gives the people and the governments the feeling that Brussels is really tackling the refugee problem without losing the Schengen Agreement or freedom of movement."

La Stampa - Italy | 08/05/2015

Britain's global influence waning

Even if it has emerged as election winner the Conservative Party has made it clear that Britain has forfeited its role on the world stage, the liberal daily La Stampa believes: "The election campaign has revealed a United Kingdom which has surprisingly distanced itself from two of its major strengths: its international mission and its stable form of government, which guaranteed a clear allocation of roles between the government and the opposition. While the latter - the country's political instability - reflects a trend that unfortunately too many European parliamentary democracies share with Britain, the former - the loss of its international vocation - threatens to leave Europe too weak and to turn the West into a toothless tiger. Without its British mainstay, America will be increasingly tempted to turn its eyes from Europe to the dynamic Asia-Pacific region."

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