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Stefanikidis, Vasilis

Proto Thema, Greece

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Proto Thema - Greece | 07/12/2015

Greek crisis may make a comeback

Greece needs to get a new package of reforms underway by mid-December it if wants the Euro Group to release another one-billion-euro instalment from the bailout fund. If the parliamentary majority backing the package crumbles the government will be in a very tight spot, writes the liberal daily Proto Thema: "By spring new holes in the budget may be apparent and the creditors could demand more cutbacks. And not even a government of national unity would be able to push through those measures. Weary MPs and citizens will perhaps realise that it's pointless to continue their efforts and then Schäuble's plans [for a Grexit] may be tabled once more. Before spring arrives we have a difficult winter before us. And with Tsipras too, who has had no rivals outside his own party for months, a certain mental weariness and limited stamina is making itself apparent."

Proto Thema - Greece | 05/03/2015

Be careful to avoid a "Graccident"

Europe must avoid developments that could lead to a "Graccident" - Greece exiting the Eurozone for unpredictable political reasons -, journalist Vasilis Stefanikidis warns in the online edition of the liberal weekly newspaper Proto Thema: "If the government can't convince the creditors' representatives that it is able to implement reforms that immediately bring money into its coffers, I fear we could well be heading for a 'Graccident'. ... The political decisions that have been taken are good and legitimate, but we can safely assume that the creditors have already run out of patience. They're tired of hearing theories and seeing draft laws that don't replenish the treasury but even cost money instead."

Proto Thema - Greece | 19/10/2014

Greek left must get more serious

Greece's left-wing alliance Syriza continues to grow in popularity. Roughly 30 percent of the voting population would vote for the alliance, according to current polls. But instead of rashly calling for new elections the left should formulate realistic demands, the liberal weekly paper Proto Thema writes in its online edition: "It seems that only a few Syriza politicians have a clear view of the situation. Most are 'drunk' at the prospect of coming to power. But that's hardly a serious attitude to have toward the country and its citizens. ... The people can no longer carry the weight of the government's ambitious goals. But at the same time they are not obliged to bear the exaggerated recommendations of the opposition. The latter is convinced that Greece is the centre of the world, and that its recommendations would therefore be immediately accepted by the creditors. ... One can at least demand a little seriousness to prevent the people's sacrifices over the past five years from being in vain."

Proto Thema - Greece | 16/10/2014

Greeks deserve truth about bailout programme

Instead of raising false hopes of an early end to the IMF bailout programme, Greece's politicians should finally confront the population with the truth, the liberal weekly paper Proto Thema writes in its online edition: "The government and opposition should understand that the people can't stand another cliffhanger. If even harsher measures are to come after the austerity memoranda, they should tell us so we can brace ourselves to go on living under the current conditions. We've already put up with five hard years. ... If we face the choice between another memorandum or other even harsher measures, they tell us so frankly. And they should trust the people to take the right decision. Let's put an end to lies and false hopes that do nothing but increase the people's rage."

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