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Stefanicki, Robert

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 15/10/2013

Iran's intentions still totally unclear

Iran and the US resume their negotiations on the controversial Iranian nuclear programme today, Tuesday, in Geneva. In recent weeks there has been a cautious rapprochement between the two sides. Nonetheless the daily Gazeta Wyborcza warns against excessive optimism: "[Iranian President] Rouhani's charm offensive is meant to be the first step towards an agreement with the West and the lifting of sanctions. The situation, however, is complicated by the fact that fundamental changes to the current policy depend not on the gestures of the Iranian president or the parliament but on the supreme religious leader. And no one knows exactly what Ayatollah Ali Khamenei thinks. Attempts to divine the true intentions of the rulers in Tehran are reminiscent of the attempts to predict the policies of the Soviet Union."

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 10/07/2013

Egypt needs a grand coalition

A Tunisian-style grand coalition is what Egypt needs now, the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza recommends: "The Ennahda (Renaissance) party, which won the elections there [in October 2011], may have much in common with the Muslim Brotherhood as regards ideology and organisation. … But the two parties have very different political styles. During his exile Rashid Al-Ghannushi, the spiritual leader of Ennahda, spent long hours working out how to make Islam compatible with democracy. … The result is that Tunisia is now poised to ratify its new constitution - and with a two-thirds majority in the Constituent Assembly to boot. … Ennahda has also been very skilful in the way it divided up the posts and responsibility. For instance three leaders make the decisions on economic policy; the Islamist prime minister, the secular president and the secular parliamentary speaker."

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