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Stefanescu, Cătălin

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Dilema Veche - Romania | 13/12/2011

We want to see sex in the convent

The abbess of a Romanian Orthodox convent in the village of Tăriceni gave birth to twins at the end of November. The Church is still deliberating over how to punish this violation of Church doctrine. The weekly paper Dilema Veche pokes fun at the media's heckling against the woman: "The persecution of the nun who has given birth to twins has reached unbelievable proportions. Since we can't infiltrate the hospital with the diligent, truth-seeking reporters to see this oh so ghastly sinner who desecrated the sanctuary, we've started to imagine the most perverse scenarios. We've fantasised about orgies at holy sites, obscenities we had never imagined, sex scenes that defy the wildest imagination. ... There is no right to privacy. Let's not forget, we're dealing with a woman of the Church here, and we, the virtuous who are without sin, want justice. The right to privacy is a fad of the Catholic Church and a stupidity of democracy. And it holds no sway with us - we want to see it all."

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