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Stefanescu, Cristian

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Deutsche Welle - Romania | 20/08/2013

Dead Roma king still victim of racism

The Romanian Florin Cioaba, the self-named "King of the Roma", died on the weekend in a Turkish hospital from the after-effects of a heart attack. Not long afterwards the false report circulated that his family wanted the Romanian state to reimburse the hospital costs. Pure racism, the Romanian service of the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle writes: "No one's interested in whether there's real news or not - provided the gypsy is trodden underfoot, after all he's a gypsy. ... On closer inspection, racism [in the media] hasn't stopped at all. It has just been dormant, after visiting a youth camp of the Hungarians [in Romania] in recent weeks. Now it has swept over us like a wave of outrage. Sparked by those who reported that the Roma king's son was demanding around 350,000 dollars [260,000 euros in hospital costs] from the state. He's begging, right? That fits right into the cliché. It makes no difference that it was later repudiated. The headlines remain, they're in the Internet. With commentaries and all the rest."

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