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Stefan, Laura

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Revista 22 - Romania | 05/04/2012

Romania struggling in fight against corruption

In Romania five politicians, some of them high-ranking, have been convicted of corruption in the first three months of this year. But the weekly Revista 22 still calls on the controlling bodies of government authorities in particular to do a better job: "Party financing and election campaigns remain a grey area. After each campaign non-government organisations conclude that much more money has been spent than was available. As long as everyone joins in the controlling bodies sympathetically turn a blind eye and act as if it was useless to take any action. … But to leave it up to the judiciary to control party financing and all other areas is the wrong approach. … It has limited resources and can't investigate all cases of violations of the law. … Nor is there always sufficient evidence to support their cases. … But all this weighs down on the national budget, so it's the citizens who lose out in the end."

Revista 22 - Romania | 29/03/2012

Parliament incompetent against corruption

The Romanian government presented its national anti-corruption strategy for the period between 2012 and 2015 last week. It also asked parliament to commit to a cross-party agreement on supporting the anti-corruption authorities. But few MPs are suited to this task, the weekly paper Revista 22 fears: "We are talking here about a parliament whose MPs employ family members. If they get caught they're not thrown out but instead launch proceedings before the constitutional court aimed at overturning the integrity law that forbids them from employing family members. A declaration of intent from such a parliament won't convince anyone - neither in Romania nor abroad. For parliamentary declarations to be taken seriously trust would first have to be restored in the institution that represents the people. … Moreover the representatives of the people must finally realise that being an MP doesn't give them carte blanche to do as they please. Nor should they simply vote on laws according to party discipline, and they must learn to respect their own laws."

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