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Steendam, Tim Van

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Knack - Belgium | 28/09/2010

Today's youth prefers iPods to protest

Young people nowadays are too passive and no longer participate in protests, essayist Frank Albers recently complained in an opinion forum hosted by the weekly paper Knack. The 31-year-old author Tim Van Steendam responds to this criticism, defending today's youth: "Go into any school classroom and ask which pupils go home to a traditional family nowadays: mum, dad, brothers or sisters? I can tell you: only a handful. Single parents, stepfathers, half-siblings. ... This is the reality in which many young people live. They're too busy trying to stay emotionally stable in a world gone out of control. Then there are the monthly bills for the Internet, telephone and other fashion items that are foisted on them by the screaming market culture. ... First food, then morals? First iPods then protests! ... What kind of glorious society has your non-conformism given us? Your generation created today's world, Mr Albers."

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