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Stavropoulos, Stathis (Greece)

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Greece | 05/09/2012

Stathis Stavropoulos on Greece's tie-wearing fascism

The troika is recommending that Greece introduce a six-day working week while at the same time curbing employees' rights, Greek media reported on Monday, basing these claims on emails sent to the Economics Ministry. This spells the end of democracy in Greece, columnist and caricaturist Stathis Stavropoulos writes on the web portal "If the troika together with its Greek puppets tries to introduce medieval working conditions, the kind of working conditions that in modern times are only established by fascist regimes by force of arms, there is no need for us to say goodbye to democracy: it's already dead. … In times of crisis capitalism shows its true face: it is fascism wearing a tie. And to make it socially acceptable it doesn't have to go round the pubs gathering the citizens' support; it can rule without it. And those who are now calling on us to work 13 hours a day and six to seven days a week so we can afford a decent meal are practicing the socially accepted fascism of the 'free' markets. They pretend to be democratic but in reality they are vampires. And once their work is finished Greece will be a special economic area whether it's with the euro or with the drachma."

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