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Stausberg, Hildegard

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Die Welt - Germany | 12/08/2008

Two winners, one loser

With two electoral winners, Bolivia is the real loser, argues Die Welt: "The cleft in society threatened to widen even before the referendum. Since the weekend it has only grown. And yet none of this is necessary, because Bolivia is by no means a poor country. Twice as large as France and rich in raw materials and fertile soil, it can easily provide a good living to all of its ten million inhabitants. And there have been many examples of how left-wing governments can bring a successful business climate to the region. One need only cite Bolivia's neighbor Brazil. However people in La Paz prefer to look to Caracas and copy Hugo Chavez' '21st century socialism'. But that not only scares off foreign investors, it also frightens the middle classes in the east of the country. They then indulge in isolationism, which can only lead to an impasse. So on the weekend there may have been political victors, but there was also one loser: Bolivia!"

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