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Staszewski, Wojciech

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Newsweek Polska - Poland | 28/03/2014

Material prosperity gets Poles on the move

Around 10,000 participants are expected to take part in the Warsaw Half Marathon on Sunday - a record figure for the event, which is currently the eighth-largest half marathon in Europe. It is also a sign of how Poland is catching up with the old EU, the Newsweek Polska magazine comments delightedly: "When the race first took place in 2006, it was just a small provincial event with a 1,000 participants. In terms of sport and fitness Poland was still rather backwards at the time. People didn't actually point their fingers at the runners, but physical activity was regarded as a quirky fad of the arrogant urbanites. Now the Poles love running. ... A sign that we have attained a generalised material stability. And we are starting to take care that we move more. The role model is no longer the fat rich guy in his leather armchair but a person brimming with physical and mental energy and full of joie de vivre. In other words: a European."

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