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Starkeviciute, Margarita

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Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 11/03/2009

Lithuania is not in Eastern Europe

The daily Lietuvos Rytas complains that Lithuania is increasingly being referred to as part of Eastern Europe: "After five years in the EU we should really feel like full EU members. And since Romania and Bulgaria joined we're almost part of the old guard. But increasingly in these times of economic crisis Lithuania is once again being relegated to the 'East Bloc'. More and more we are being referred to as 'Eastern Europeans' and bundled together with Russia and Ukraine. On first glance this may look like a geographic dispute, but it has major political and cultural subtexts when it's meant to foster the illusion that we are part of the East. Of course it's no secret that Russia wants to extend its zone of influence into the EU territory. With Latvia and Estonia it pursues this strategy by means of the Russian minority living there. With us it plays down the success of independence."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 12/12/2008

Lithuania and the financial crisis

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are often perceived by other countries as a single unit sharing the same problems, but the daily Lietuvos Rytas points out that, also in the face of the financial crisis, the economic situation in these three countries varies: "In Latvia - and also to some extent in Estonia - the transport sector is of major importance because it is here that the flow of goods with Russia is realised. In Lithuania, by contrast, industry plays the key role. But transport is more susceptible to fluctuations, whereas industry is less sensitive, especially when it's diversified. Lithuania has therefore maintained a higher level of stability even in hard times, although certain trends are causing concern at present. ... What all three economies have in common is their small markets. To achieve long-term growth we are therefore dependent on the situation in other countries which we supply with goods and services."

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