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Stanomir, Ioan

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Contributors - Romania | 30/05/2013

Romania's undemocratic referendum rules

The Romanian parliament decided on Wednesday that in future only 30 percent of eligible voters must participate in a referendum for it to be valid. An attempt to impeach President Traian Băsescu failed last summer because voter turnout fell short of the 50 percent minimum hitherto required. Constitutional expert Ioan Stanomir writes on the blog Contributors that the new ruling is undemocratic: "Referendums are the only way for the nation to express its implicit veto against decisions taken by the political elite. Consequently the lowering of the number of votes needed for a referendum to pass represents the blunting of an instrument that can prove dangerous for politicians. In this new context, parties will have no problem mobilising a relatively small part of the population to ratify measures that have already been decided on. That will make a boycott like the one we saw last summer impossible."

Contributors - Romania | 26/07/2012

Referendum is a new start for Romania

The impeachment proceedings against President Traian Băsescu are dividing Romania and its society. Supporters and opponents of the president are spending hours engaged in verbal battles on television. Sunday's referendum on the impeachment could mean a new start for the country's political culture, Ioan Stanomir, an expert on constitutional law writes on the blog platform "You can't build a fortress on the basis of media-generated hatred. The news channels can't be the nation's tutors - political dialogue is far more complex than the daily debates that are whipping the nation into a state of hysteria would seem to indicate. … July 29 won't be the end, it must be regarded as a new beginning. The energy of those courageous citizens who reject fanaticism; the persistence of people who believe in institutional moderation as an alternative to barbarism; the opposition by people who reject passion in the name of the critical spirit: these are the foundations on which a new future can be built." 

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