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Staniszewski, Mariusz

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Polska - Poland | 05/08/2009

Fines for insulting homosexuals are absurd

A court in the northwest Polish city of Szczecin has fined a Polish woman 15,000 złoty (roughly 3,700 euros) for calling her neighbour a "pedal" (a vulgar term for homosexuals). The daily Polska criticises the decision: "And all of this just because the court concluded that homosexuals may not be referred to as 'pedals'. Does that mean we can use the word for heterosexuals? Is 'pedal' more insulting for them [heterosexuals], or less? When we call a Lesbian a 'cichodajka' [prostitute], is it more offensive than when we're talking about a woman who likes men? And every time it'll cost us 15,000 złoty. If that's how things stand, the Supreme Court will have to establish a ranking of insults and assign each one with a certain fee. ... That would certainly fill the state's coffers."

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