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Stancikas, Dalius

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Bernardinai - Lithuania | 20/06/2014

Lithuania's politicians trampling on democracy

In just over a week Lithuania will hold a referendum aimed at extending the ban on the sale of land to foreigners. Some high-ranking politicians have already told voters to ignore it as the ban infringes on EU law. Web portal criticises this stance: "Both the government coalition and the opposition are doing all they can to prevent the referendum from being valid [this requires the participation of at least half of those entitled to vote in a country]. In their bid to achieve this, they're not urging the people to give their vote to one side or the other but basically asking them to ignore democracy itself. It would be pretty much the same if instead of campaigning for themselves or their own programmes, the politicians and parties were to urge voters not to take part in the elections."

Bernardinai - Lithuania | 27/06/2013

Government ignores Lithuanian Taliban victim

Taliban fighters killed ten foreign mountaineers, including one Lithuanian, in northern Pakistan last Saturday. Writing on the Christian-conservative portal Bernardinai, the journalist Dalius Stancikas criticises the lack of a fitting reaction from Lithuanian politicians: "This comes as a severe shock to the world, and especially to us Lithuanians. This ghastly murder of peaceful and innocent representatives of a harmless sport is an act of revenge on the part of the Pakistani Taliban for a US drone attack [at the end of May] in which their leader was killed. ... The Lithuanian government has hardly paid any attention to the cruel death of climber Ernestas Markšaitis, the first innocent [Lithuanian] victim of an act of revenge by the Taliban. ... Perhaps the government even agrees with the Pakistani Taliban that people should stay out of countries with foreign cultures?"

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