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Stancanelli, Elena

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La Repubblica - Italy | 27/07/2011

Rome publishes misogynist guide

Rome's mayor Gianni Alemanno. from the conservative governing party PDL, has published a self-defence guide for women. The left-liberal daily La Repubblica considers it misogynist because nowhere does it mention male aggressors: "The city of which Alemanno and his zealous city councillors speak is a bleak, frightening place. A Gotham City where no-one would want to live - neither men nor women. In view of this sinister fact one might have expected a guide for men. A handbook explaining in detail that it is not seemly to attack female passers-by. In order to fight evil, one usually tries to dissuade the wrong-doers from committing their deeds. But not in Rome. Mayor Alemanno explains to women how they should behave in order not to provoke aggressors. With a single coup de main he has thrown the city council back to the cultural level of the Middle Ages."

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