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Stamkos, Giorgos

Tvxs, Greece

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Tvxs - Greece | 30/01/2014

Greece fears Turkish downward spiral

The Turkish central bank reacted to the dramatic loss in value of the Turkish lira on Tuesday with drastic interest rate hikes, raising the benchmark repo rate from 4.5 to 10 percent. The web portal Tvxs fears that the political and economic situation in Turkey will have negative repercussions for Greece: "If Turkey is hit by an economic crisis, the longed for recovery in Greece will take far longer than assumed. ... Because what is bad for Turkey is also bad for Greece. Unlike two or three decades ago, today the economies of the two countries are closely intertwined. Our neighbour to the east has become our most important trading partner. In 2008 the volume of trade with Turkey was 2.428 billion dollars. By 2012 it had doubled to five billion."

Tvxs - Greece | 17/11/2013

Europe will regret sealing itself off

At least twelve migrants drowned when their boat sank off the Greek island of Lefkada last week. The web portal Tvxs criticises Europe's ongoing policy of sealing itself off: "The EU should be ashamed of its failed refugee policy, which goes on producing human tragedies. Fortress Europe is the dream of every inhumane right-wing extremist. A fortress that isolates itself and takes no interest in what's happening around it is a recipe for self-destruction. The notion that the ageing but still rich Europe is a secure island of prosperity in an ocean of suffering is a dangerous illusion. Even if Europe remains a fenced-off paradise, it won't find it all that easy to protect itself from this wave of migration and the instability of the southern countries. ... If there is no growth and no democracy in these regions of the world, sooner or later the West will be punished for amassing a huge amount of wealth without sharing it with others."

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