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Stallman, Richard

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 17/03/2008

Richard Stallmann on freedom of the hard drive

In an interview with Dunja Batarilio, Richard Stallmann, developer of the Linux operating system and a pioneer of the free software movement, advocates the right to have control over your own hard drive. "The first freedom I will name is control over your own computer. This enables you to know what you computer is doing and to change that according to your needs. It entails free access to the source code. ... The second freedom is the freedom to help your friends without coming into conflict with the law. That means being allowed to copy and pass on free software. The third freedom is the freedom to work with others. That means you can pass on modified software and share it with others. ... When I say 'free' I mean free in the sense of 'free speech', not 'free beer'. Naturally, you can also earn money with free software."

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