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Stabile, Giordano

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La Stampa - Italy | 27/08/2012

Assad gets a new boost

According to rebel reports from Syria, more than 200 people were killed in a new massacre in a Damascus suburb on Saturday night. The photos provided to back up these reports are however far from irrefutable, writes the liberal daily La Stampa, noting that the only thing that is clear now is that Assad's regime has acted with fresh impetus in recent days: "The only documents that provide evidence of the massacre are the pictures on the website of the opposition which show mounds of dead bodies in the Abu Auleiman al-Durani mosque. But it is unclear when the pictures were taken and who killed whom. … What is completely clear however is that the mood in Syria has changed. While the opposition once again stresses the brutality of the regime and there is no more talk of its fall, the regime is once again adopting a triumphant stance. … Assad has shown himself in public again and described the revolts against him as a 'plot'. … At the same time, with his public appearance yesterday the Syrian Vice-President Faruk al-Sharaa silenced reports that he had fled. The fact that these reports have now been refuted gives Assad a new boost."

La Stampa - Italy | 28/03/2012

Syria dictates the conditions

By agreeing to the peace plan Bashar al-Assad has the reins in his hand once more and can dictate his conditions to the UN, the liberal daily La Stampa writes, complaining about the deal: "Assad has achieved what Gaddafi failed to accomplish because of the Nato operation. The Syrian president can now calmly turn his attention to the political side of the conflict. He has emerged strengthened and can afford to open up because the UN's six-point plan lacks the one point that would have met with resistance in Damascus: a demand for Assad's resignation. At the end of the day all the regime has done is to commit - and only on paper - to some not overly stringent conditions that will allow the United Nations to play the role of credible mediator once more."

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