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Stabile, Alberto

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La Repubblica - Italy | 06/01/2014

Islamists capitalising on Syria conflict

Thanks to the conflict in Syria radical Islamism is gaining more and more supporters in the region, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica notes: "Syria and Iraq are the main scenarios of the new offensive launched by radical Sunni extremism. It is above all aimed against the other large, albeit minority, sector of the Muslim population, the Shiites. ... And also against the 'crusaders', the West, led by the US superpower. ... The popularity [of al-Qaeda] meanwhile hasn't faded among the Sunni population; on the contrary, with the Syria conflict it has grown. Because thanks to the Syria crisis, radical Islam has access to new military and financial support from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies. They want to defend themselves against the indifference of the West regarding the anti-Assad revolts by financing those whom until recently they regarded as their worst enemies."

La Repubblica - Italy | 20/11/2013

Paying high price for Hezbollah alliance

The bomb attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut will escalate the conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica comments: "The attackers wanted to target the most important symbol of Shiite power: the focal point of the alliance among Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. Because this alliance has made it possible for Bashar al-Assad to survive the civil war and is now apparently giving him hope that he can defeat the rebels. ... The attackers' strategy seems clear: they want to make Lebanon pay the price for the alliance Tehran and Hezbollah have formed with the regime in Damascus. The Sunni-Arab world, starting with Saudi Arabia, supports the rebels and will fight this alliance with every means possible. But Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah swore that he would remain loyal to the alliance in his speech last Friday."

La Repubblica - Italy | 27/09/2010

New Israeli settlements bury hopes of peace

Defying international pressure Israel ended the ten-month freeze on the construction of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian West Bank on Sunday night. This destroys any hope of the Middle East talks initiated by the US government being a success, writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "Enemy number one, of course, is the US president, ... who is disparagingly referred to as 'Hussein Obama' here. And if there is a winner in this tug of war then it's the Israeli prime minister, who has refused to give in to US pressure for an extension of the freeze. ... For no one here believes in the possibility of successful peace talks. ... Danny Danon, the rising star of the conservative Likud bloc, has swept Obama's ideas as 'wishful thinking' the 'consequences of which they are forced to bear' from the table. Netanyahu had therefore done well to oppose the ideas. And as long as he resists the pressure of the Americans he has nothing to fear from the ruling majority in his government." 

La Repubblica - Italy | 22/07/2010

Ceauşescus' fans welcome exhumation

Almost 21 years after the end of the communist regime in Romania the alleged remains of ex-dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife Elena were exhumed on Wednesday at Bucharest's military cemetery for the purpose of establishing their identity. The left-liberal daily La Repubblica fears that the dictators' supporters will take action: "The goal of the several attempts to exhume the bodies of the Ceauşescus, shot to pieces by an execution squad so young it barely knew how to use weapons, seems to be to establish their identity once and for all. This already controversial procedure will perhaps serve as an opportunity for some of their eternal supporters (who never showed their faces the days of the revolution in Bucharest and Timişoara) to demand a church funeral service and an honourable burial in a mausoleum built specially for them, in accordance with the will of their late son Nicu."

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