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Sroczyński, Grzegorz

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 05/05/2014

Cheap temporary work helps populists

The turnover of Polish temporary employment agencies rose by 21 percent in 2013 in a year-on-year comparison. According to a study by the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies EuroCiett, Poland is the country with the most rapid growth in this sector. But ultimately cheap temporary work only benefits the populists, the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza warns with the European elections in mind: "The temporary workers are sent to companies by the agencies, and do the same work as regular employees - but under markedly worse conditions. ... Will those who are treated like this by the free market feel like full-fledged citizens? ... Will they make rational political decisions? If they vote for populists or nationalists, not only the companies will pay the price but also the entire country. Because the investors are waiting for the results of the elections, and then, depending on the rating agencies' recommendations, they will withdraw if they deem the political risk to be too great."

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