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Spyrou, Timothy

Cyprus Mail, Greece

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Cyprus Mail - Cyprus | 06/04/2014

European elections: The EU needs to get serious

In view of the upcoming European elections and the tensions with Russia the time has come for Europeans to adopt a more mature and serious attitude, journalist Timothy Spyrou writes in the liberal newspaper the Cyprus Mail: "Putin thinks the EU and US are both on a path of permanent decline because of their internal political dysfunction. Do you honestly believe that Russia would be smirking at the Europeans if they had spent the last five years of crisis by becoming more dynamic and resilient rather than engage in kicking the can down the road? It is time we got serious about the challenges facing Europe. I am not arguing against ever using EU elections as a basis for choosing Europe's direction. I am merely arguing that we are far from ready from doing it now after five years of ever growing anger at the whole European project."

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