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Spolitis, Veiko

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Delfi - Latvia | 22/06/2010

Euro secures Estonia's future

Estonia will introduce the euro in 2011. The move will enhance the country's long-term prospects, writes the Latvian news portal Delfi: "After obtaining independence, Estonia's elite recognised that membership in international organisations not only makes a country better known, it also ensures its long-term sovereignty. Estonia has been a member of the OECD since May. Now the European Union has announced that it has fulfilled all of the criteria for entering the Eurozone as of January 2011. That makes Estonia the Northern European economy which is the most integrated in the world's political and economic systems. According to assessments of international organisations, Estonia has done everything necessary for the development of a country that is financially weak and poor in natural resources, but which has an open economy."

Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 08/06/2009

Success of Russian party is punishment for power elites

At the same time as the European elections were held in Latvia local elections also took place in which the Harmony Centre party of the Russian-speaking minority, which describes itself as a left-wing party, achieved very good results. The daily Eesti Päevaleht asks whether talk of a shift to the left is justified: "This question is of particular importance when one considers the current situation especially in Latvia. But to find a real answer we must bear in mind that the main intention of voters when casting their ballot was to castigate the current power elites, even if in doing so they effectively brought about a shift to the left. … Harmony Centre has indeed won the votes of many Latvians who are weary of the false promises of the Latvian-speaking parties, but the [conservative] Civic Union also made headway, and at the cost of the corrupt Fatherland's Union."

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