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Splichal, Slavko

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Delo - Slovenia | 07/03/2008

Slavko Splichal on International Women's Day

In former communist countries, the International Women's Day carried heavy ideological associations. After the fall of communism, the date lost popularity to Mothers' Day and Valentine's Day. Slavko Splichal finds this lamentable: "In the early days International Women's Day mobilised women in the fight for votes for women, and later it became an important factor for raising awareness of inequality. ... Today women are still paid less than men for the same work. If they want to make headway they have to do unpaid overtime, which they seldom can because of the children. ... Because International Women's Day is not dedicated to socialist patriotism or internationalism, but highlights general injustices and violations of the law, it's more than just a day on which the other half of the human race should go round with a bad conscience. It should become a day of reflection about social inequality."

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