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Speksnijder, Cor

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 14/08/2012

Ryan a risk for Republicans

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's choice of congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate in the race for the US presidency is a risky move, writes the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "With Ryan Romney takes a swerve to the right while it is the political centre that will decide who wins the presidency. Romney is running the risk of driving voters still hesitating between him and Obama straight into his democratic rival's arms. Ryan's ideas on dismantling the welfare state are eyed with suspicion not just by independent voters but also by a good few Republicans. Obama can exploit fears that the social programme for the old and poor will fall victim to Ryan's austerity dictates. … What's more, Romney could lose his most important weapon in the election campaign: his argument that the elections must focus above all on jobs. With Ryan, an ideological debate about the welfare state could smother the debate on the economy. Obama certainly won't be unhappy about that."

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 09/08/2012

Violence in Sinai menaces peace treaty

The tense situation on the Sinai Peninsula is a threat to the peace between Israel and Egypt and puts huge pressure on the new Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant writes: "The violence on the border could threaten the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. If attacks on the Israeli side follow and Egypt is unable to rein in the extremists, Israel itself may intervene. The presence of the jihadists is also putting additional strain on the already tense relations between the governing Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian army. The friendly ties between the Brotherhood and the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip are gradually becoming an embarrassment for President Mursi. The burial of the 16 murdered border guards, which turned into a demonstration against him and his Muslim Brotherhood, sent him a message."

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 08/08/2012

Athens using immigrants as scapegoats

The Greek government has launched a large police operation against illegal immigrants. Around 6,000 people without valid papers were taken into provisional custody on the weekend, roughly 1,600 of whom will be sent back to their countries of origin, the police announced on Monday. A dangerous initiative, writes the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "The government in Athens is witnessing growing frustration among the population and the increased popularity of right-wing extremist groups like the neo-Nazi organisation Chrysi Avgi. ... According to the Minister for Public Order Nikos Dendias, the operation was necessary to counter the 'incredible invasion' that menaced the country's stability. He said that immigration was possibly a bigger problem for Greece than the lack of money. With such rhetoric the minister turned immigrants into scapegoats for Greece's plight. Such words can be dangerous, especially as the mood in the country is becoming ever more dismal. They don't help - on the contrary they only strengthen feelings of unease and are misleading to boot: Greece's financial woes are not caused by its immigrants, but by its politicians."

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