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Spasov, Spas

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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 14/09/2010

Bulgaria's boring tourism campaign

Bulgaria has launched a pan-European advertising campaign to attract tourists. But the four commercials that have been running on the television channels Eurosport, Euronews, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel are boring and mundane, the daily Dnevnik points out: "This advertising won't achieve its goal because it doesn't provoke. The prattle about Bulgaria is boring and dated, and people won't be taken in by banalities. ... [The Campaign] may do its job of informing European customers that Bulgaria, like hundreds of other places in the world, offers ancient culture, historical monuments, mineral resources and beautiful landscapes. But it has no potential for the next step: the creation of a clearly recognisable 'Bulgaria' trademark."

Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 05/07/2010

The business-minded Orthodox Church

The Bulgarian fiscal authorities have imposed a fine of roughly 1.3 million euros on the Orthodox Church after an inspection revealed that it failed to pay social insurance contributions for clergy members for years. The daily Dnevnik complains that the Church has become a purely business-oriented establishment: "Instead of concentrating on its real tasks, the Church now concerns itself with no more than business and finances. The only exception is the clergy, who are left to their faith and their missionary zeal. Meanwhile the Church looks after its buildings and estates, which it trades, rents out or leases. It prints and sells its own 'securities' such as stamps, baptismal and wedding certificates. It collects fees for rites, manages charity funds, bids for projects, etc. Meanwhile its employees must wait endlessly for their wages. Often they receive nothing at all, or are only paid in kind."

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