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Spang, Thomas

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Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 13/04/2015

Candidate doesn't offer enough change

Hillary Clinton's experience and prominence alone won't be enough to get her into the White House, the conservative daily Salzburger Nachrichten writes: "The elections for the world's most important office are about the future. America always reinvents itself in the presidential elections - every eight years in general. With one exception - the election of George Bush senior - no party has managed to stay in office for more than two terms since the end of World War II. If the polls are accurate, the desire for change will be even stronger than in 2008. Hillary will just have to hope that the Republicans put up John Ellis 'Jeb' Bush as their candidate. A third Bush would stand for as little of a fresh start as a second Clinton presidency. Any other rival could make things more difficult for Clinton. Her only novelty factor would be the prospect of going down in history as the first woman in the White House."

Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 15/07/2011

Narrow-minded lobbyists provoke a crisis

With their stubbornness in the dispute over raising the debt ceiling the Republicans risk plunging the world into a global economic crisis, writes the Christian conservative daily Salzburger Nachrichten: "Obama stands there as the statesman who is serious about saving, while the Republicans come across as narrow-minded lobbyists who defend tax breaks for billionaires. While junior members of the party were still negotiating over concessions in the White House it dawned on Senator McConnell how hopeless the situation is and he offered Obama the equivalent of an unconditional surrender. In the face of impending defeat, the Republicans' foot soldiers are threatening to mutiny against their leaders. The open question is whether in their fervour they are risking political suicide and will drag the world economy down with them into the abyss.They don't have much time left to see sense."

Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 31/01/2011

Obama must stop the Islamists

Given the critical situation in Egypt the US government must use what influence it has left to keep the Islamists in check, the Christian-liberal daily Salzburger Nachrichten warns: "America's president Barack Obama faces having to choose between a rock and a hard place in Egypt. From the moral point of view his government should side unreservedly with the people. ... From a geopolitical perspective, however, Washington will have no interest whatsoever in seeing one of the largest Arab nations destabilised. ... If the US continues to watch from the sidelines as events unfold it risks allowing extremist forces to spearhead the revolution. ... This would be a catastrophe in several respects. The Islamists have neither democracy nor human nor civil rights on their agenda. They threaten to break up the peace with Israel and ally themselves with the theocracy of Iran. Obama must use the US's remaining influence to go on the offensive and demonstrate leadership if he doesn't want to end up between a rock and a hard place in Egypt."

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 03/06/2010

BP has criminal potential

The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has led the US government to launch a criminal investigation against energy company BP. The step was overdue, writes the left-liberal daily Berliner Zeitung: "By now it's well documented how the company sacrificed the environment to its vile greed for profit. The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which is depriving the coastal inhabitants and nature of their livelihoods and survival, certainly has criminal potential. BP systematically covered up the true scale of the catastrophe, apparently in order to minimise demands arising from the Clean Water Act. Whether it's 5,000 barrels or 20,000 that are contaminating the sea every day makes a difference of billions in terms of fines. In such a situation a little white lie can't hurt. For similar reasons BP boss Tony Hayward has blamed cases of volunteers for the clean-up operations getting sick on food that had gone off, claimed clumps of tar on the beaches were the result of previous accidents and played down the threat posed to animal life. The wave of lawsuits against the oil company will no doubt keep the US courts busy for years to come."

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