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Spáčilová, Mirka

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Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 04/04/2011

Karel Gott no longer a god

The Czech Republic's most famous crooner Karel Gott, also well known internationally, was for the first time not voted the nation's number one television personality. He ranked only third in the annual viewer survey carried out on the weekend. Technology is obviously to blame for this national disaster, writes the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes: "The country has been rocked to its foundations, one of its last safe havens has fallen. ... The conspiracy theories abound. The downfall of 'the unbeatable' could hail the end of the world. In the old days Gott's admirers would tear a ballot paper out of a magazine, fill it in and send it off by post. Today his loyal fans have to put their trust in technology and go through the complicated process of typing a text message into their mobiles - up to thirty times according to the rules, which can cost more than ten euros. Who can spare that amount from their pension? ... At least Gott took the news nobly. He didn't shout, he didn't threaten that we would be sorry. He smiled gently: it was bound to happen some time. But we'll be back next year."

Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 18/12/2008

The Christ Child vs. Santa Claus

Thousands of Czechs have signed a petition demanding that the Christ Child - also a bringer of gifts in the Czech tradition - should be protected from Santa Claus. The liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes gets a kick out of the idea: "The devil only knows what irks the protesters more - the fact that this saint plays no role in the Czech tradition or the name Claus, which they associate in their subconscious with the anti-Christ in Prague Castle [President Václav Klaus]. The authors of the petition are fulminating against this 'fat American Santa'. First of all it is not politically correct to hold someone's weight against them. Furthermore, who knows whether the Christ Child doesn't also have baby fat? And why do they consider the Christ Child Czech at all? There's nothing about that in the Bethlehem registry. ... I wouldn't be surprised if a little Czech xenophobia wasn't behind all the fun. It's just a small step from saying 'We don't want this alien Santa' to calling for a ban on the 'Spanish bird' [beef roulade], the English roast, the Greek olive or Chinese rice."

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