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Sousa, Teresa de

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Público - Portugal | 23/03/2011

Resignation torpedoes all efforts

The resignation of Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates has triggered a severe political crisis, writes the daily Público: "Portugal wanted to avoid suffering the same fate as Greece, but now it seems inevitable. Our partners in Brussels and Berlin will think: 'Those people are crazy. We put so much energy into finding a solution that corresponds to their needs, and they wind up digging their own grave.' ... They see a suicidal country with no orientation which has conjured up a political crisis at the worst imaginable time. ... It is still unclear how our partners will react to the new status of our prime minister when he arrives in Brussels. It is also uncertain how this will effect the negotiations in the European Council. But one thing is certain: in one fell swoop the political crisis has destroyed everything that has been accomplished to date."

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