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Soumois, Fréderic

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Le Soir - Belgium | 09/03/2015

Belgium should crack down on tobacco consumption

Tobacco sellers in Belgium have raised the price of cigarettes, however the Belgian government has said it will refrain from upping taxes on rolled cigarettes this year. A drastic rise in the price of tobacco like that in Britain would have been more efficient and more honest, the liberal daily Le Soir criticises: "Of course, even raising the price to 12 euros per pack won't stop all the adolescents from taking their first puff. Nor would it convince all smokers to kick the habit. ... But it would help to determine the true cost of a born killer. And it would bring in money to help people quit, to distribute nicotine substitutes and fund information campaigns which are practically non-existent today. That would be more equitable than refusing medical treatment to chronic smokers under the pretext that they 'voluntarily' mortgaged their health capital. Because such an argument hides behind a hypocritical idea of the 'free will' while denying the biological reality and the power of nicotine."

Le Soir - Belgium | 05/01/2015

Therapy, not assisted suicide for offenders

The murderer and repeated rapist Frank van den Bleeken, who has been imprisoned in Belgium for almost 30 years, will be allowed to die through medically assisted suicide on January 11. He has claimed that he suffers unbearably in prison, among other reasons because he has received inadequate treatment for his violent sexual urges. The liberal daily Le Soir is alarmed at the state of the Belgian penal system: "This case should bring to our attention the situation of inmates in our country, which has been described as 'apocalyptic' by many aid organisations. They point to the lack of appropriate therapy. ... If we want to prevent a growing number of inmates from seeking this last resort, we must alter their situation. By making the necessary treatment available, and by improving their prospects as far as possible."

Le Soir - Belgium | 06/08/2008

Until the end of time

Several days after the 17th International Aids Conference in Mexico City, Le Soir newspaper complains that most of the world's states are neglecting their Aids information campaigns: "The complex menace of Aids continues to hover over the world. 25 years after the discovery of the virus, the disease must be combated more relentlessly than ever. ... In the last ten years the life expectancy of patients has increased by roughly thirteen years. ... Partially or entirely blinded by the good news from the research labs, governments have slackened their information and prevention campaigns. ... In focusing the bulk of ressources on medication, we have no doubt forgotten the need to bear in mind the causes of the disease and to support a broad prevention campaign, ... and forgotten that - unfortunately - until the end of time we must repeat that before making love, a few simple gestures are necessary to avoid death."

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