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Soubrouillard, Régis

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Marianne - France | 08/07/2009

Facebook retirement home

According to statistics of the US web service istrategylabs, the number of people aged over 55 using social networks like Facebook is booming: The Internet portal Marianne 2 writes that as the site becomes more democratic however, certain user groups are deserting it: "Still the domain of geeks just a few months ago, Facebooks is now a has-been. The elderly have appropriated it.The 35-54 age bracket has now supplanted those under 35, and in the last six months the number of users over 55 has skyrocketed by 513%! A veritable exodus, which can be explained by the saturation of the system and competition from other social networks like Twitter. ... Even more worrying: some commentators are observing a 'social migration' in the universe of social networks: white people, the educated and the wealthy are jumping ship as the site gets more democratic. ... Facebook, a simple mirror of society?"

Marianne - France | 07/07/2009

Football a godsend for money launderers

According to a corruption report published at the start of the week by the OECD, football is highly susceptible to money laundering. The weekly magazine Marianne analyses corruption in football on its website: "One might have thought that amateur football was unaffected by all this. Not a chance. Starting with the lowest leagues, football provides the ideal milieu for criminals, who have many means at their disposal to launder money. They purchase amateur clubs or those in difficulty, transfer money and bet online. Or they overestimate ticket sales to wash part of the dirty money. ... Money circulates abundantly in this sector, making it a godsend for the Mafia according to the report."

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