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Sotiris, Panagiotis

ThePressProject, Greece

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The Press Project - Greece | 11/01/2015

The brutal result of class war

The attacks in Paris and the reactions of Europe's politicians are not part of a battle over values between Europe and the Muslim world. Rather they mark the start of a new phase in the international class struggle, the web portal The Press Project argues: "What happened in Paris was another brutal and barbaric result of the conflicts that are arising through geopolitical interactions and class-related strategies. It was not the supposed conflict between 'jihad' and 'liberal values'. ... What matters is what comes now. The democratic freedoms will be massively curtailed. More immigrants and refugees will be murdered, military interventions will increase and a class war against the European Muslim workers will begin. Those who believe that this is simply about 'defending freedom of expression' haven't understood what is really going on."

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