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Soriano i Piqueras, Víctor

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El Huffington Post - Spain | 26/07/2013

Spain must cool its modernisation fever

The tragic train crash in Santiago de Compostela should move Spain to rethink its irrational policy of extending high-speed routes, transportation expert Víctor Soriano i Piqueras writes in the left-liberal online paper El Huffington Post: "For us Spaniards the image of development has become inextricably bound up with the tracks that 'stitch Spain together', as we used to say. High-speed trains are among those sacred things that cannot be criticised in public debate in Spain without fear of ostracism. They have come to symbolise this country, taking on the status of a civil right without any consideration for factors like supply and demand, genuine requirements or financial capacities. … We should wave goodbye to the dream of building high-speed lines to every remote corner of the country and prioritising them over everything else."

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